Employment Opportunities at Tulum Airport | Oportunidades de Empleo en el Aeropuerto de Tulum

Employment Opportunities at Tulum Airport

Do you want to work at the New Tulum International Airport? Sedena and private companies open calls for vacancies and employment opportunities at Tulum Airport

With the imminent inauguration of the “Felipe Carrillo Puerto” International Airport in Tulum, the Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena), through the company Olmeca Maya Mexicana, has launched a broad call for the hiring of personnel. This call joins that of several companies that are looking for talent for their operations at the air terminal.

Employment Opportunities at Tulum Airport

How and where to apply for vacancies at Tulum Airport, we tell you everything we know.

Search for Professionals and Qualified Labor

The personnel selection process emphasizes hiring highly qualified professionals willing to change their place of residence if necessary.

The vacancies cover a variety of areas, including administration, finance, human resources, oversight, legal affairs, business, marketing, strategic planning, logistics, information technology, transparency, actuarial, as well as in the rail and airport transport sector, with special focus on air and railway control, mechanical, electrical, electronic and industrial engineering.

How to Apply

Interested candidates can obtain more information by calling 55-2122-1310 (extension 6150) or 551553-4333.

You can also send your application via email to gafsaomm@sedena.gob.mx or visit the Olmeca Maya Mexicana offices in Naucalpan de Juárez, State of Mexico, to apply in person.

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Employment Opportunities at Tulum Airport

Opportunities in International and Local Companies

In addition, international companies such as the Canadian Nexus, active in destination management in the Caribbean and Latin America, are looking for personnel. Nexus offers positions as airport agents with competitive salaries of more than 12 thousand pesos per month.

The job search platform Jooble also lists 197 vacancies with an average salary of 12,500 pesos per month, not only at the Tulum Airport but also in various companies related to the tourism industry.

Among the notable positions are airport passenger assistance executives, with requirements such as an intermediate level of conversational English, experience in customer service and management of complementary services at airports.

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Employment Opportunities at Tulum Airport

Promotion of Employment and Tourism

This wave of employment opportunities is not only a positive sign for the local economy, but also portends a promising future for the new Tulum International Airport.

With its opening, a great boost to tourism and related industries is expected, which in turn will generate more employment and development in the region.

The arrival of the “Felipe Carrillo Puerto” TQO International Airport in Tulum and the consequent creation of jobs underline the importance of this project for both the tourism sector and the local community.

Investment in infrastructure and human talent promises to enhance Tulum as one of the most attractive and accessible destinations in the Mexican Caribbean.

R. Employment Opportunities at Tulum Airport

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