Inauguración del Aeropuerto de Tulum | Inauguration of Tulum Airport

Inauguration of Tulum Airport

As promised, today is the inauguration of Tulum Airport and we present all the details live minute by minute.

In a historic event for Mexico, today the Tulum International Airport “Felipe Carrillo Puerto” opens, a work that symbolizes the progress and futuristic vision of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

This event not only marks a milestone in the country’s infrastructure, but also opens a new chapter in the history of tourism and connectivity in the Riviera Maya.

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Inauguration of Tulum Airport

An Emblematic Project

The Tulum Airport, considered the first major project of López Obrador’s mandate, has been established as a model of sustainable development.

With its “green airport” label, it has been designed to minimize environmental impact, protecting local flora and fauna and standing out in the conservation of the natural environment.

This air terminal becomes a benchmark not only for its modern infrastructure but also for its commitment to the environment.

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Inauguration of Tulum Airport

Boost to Tourism and the Economy

The opening of the airport is encouraging news for tourism in Quintana Roo. With an annual capacity to serve 5.5 million passengers and carry out up to 32 thousand air operations, Tulum Airport is ready to become the main air access to the Riviera Maya.

Its strategic location will facilitate access to the region’s treasures, such as virgin beaches, cenotes, and archaeological zones, thus promoting tourism and strengthening the local economy.

Inauguration of Tulum Airport

Today, while the first airlines such as Aeroméxico, Delta Airlines and Vivaaerobus announce their routes to Tulum, not only a new gateway to the Mexican Caribbean is celebrated, but also the effort and dedication of all those who have made this project possible.

The live inauguration of the Tulum International Airport represents national pride and a step forward in the connectivity and modernization of Mexico.

Looking to the future, this airport promises to be a catalyst for growth and a new icon in Latin American aviation.

R. Inauguration of Tulum Airport

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