Quarterly Evaluation of Tulum Airport | Evaluación Trimestral del Aeropuerto de Tulum

Quarterly Evaluation of Tulum Airport

Tulum International Airport is preparing to be a crucial node in the transportation network. Quarterly Evaluation of Tulum Airport.

Three months after starting operations, the Tulum International Airport exhibits promising signs of progress and development, predicting a promising future in regional and global interconnection, particularly with the imminent integration into the Mayan Train project.

Integration with the Mayan Train and Operational Growth

Post-Inauguration Advances

Since its opening on December 1, 2023, Tulum Airport has not only increased its number of operations but has also begun to stand out in the field of domestic flights, exceeding initial expectations and positioning itself as a direct competitor to the International Airport. Felipe Ángeles (AIFA).

With the planned connection to the Mayan Train for June, a unique synergy is expected that will link Tulum with Cancun and Playa del Carmen, significantly improving mobility and accessibility in the region.

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International projection

The Tulum terminal has captured the attention of the international market with Lufthansa’s announcement to establish an air connection with Frankfurt by December 2024.

In addition, Copa Airlines will begin operating flights to Panama, and Air Canada will introduce direct routes to Montreal and Toronto, thus consolidating the airport’s international presence.

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Quarterly Evaluation of Tulum Airport

Expansion of Routes and Connections

New Aerial Horizons

Tulum Airport will see the expansion of its international offering with the addition of flights to key destinations in North America.

Likewise, the inclusion of air routes to American cities such as New York by Jet Blue reinforces the relevance of this airport on the international air map.

Local and National Development

Quarterly Evaluation of Tulum Airport

At the national level, the inauguration of routes to Puebla and Tuxtla Gutiérrez is anticipated, expanding the domestic reach of the airport and promoting a greater tourist and commercial flow.

The future Mayan Train station near the airport terminal promises to further integrate Tulum with the tourist and commercial circuit of the Mexican southeast.

Quarterly Evaluation of Tulum Airport

Context and Aeronautical Perspective: Comparison with Cancún

While Cancun Airport maintains its leadership in air traffic, Tulum Airport is anticipated to gain greater prominence and increase its passenger volume in the coming months, especially as both its land and air connections solidify.

With the expectation of greater connectivity and the promise of modern and efficient infrastructure, Tulum International Airport is preparing to be a crucial node in the region’s transportation network, boosting tourism and the local economy while establishing itself as a emblematic portal to the Mexican Caribbean.

R. Quarterly Evaluation of Tulum Airport

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