SEDENA Receives Title for the Tulum Airport | SEDENA Recibe Título del Aeropuerto de Tulum

SEDENA Receives Title for the Tulum Airport

The management of the new airfield in the hands of a military company: SEDENA Receives Title for the Tulum Airport from the SICT.

The administration of the Tulum International Airport “Felipe Carrillo Puerto” has been entrusted to an entity linked to the armed forces, Grupo Aeroportuario, Ferroviario, de Servicios Auxiliares y Conexica, Olmeca-Maya-Mexica, as communicated by the Secretariat of Infrastructure, Communications and Transportation (SICT).

This step aligns with the vision of Mexico’s current government, led by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and reinforces the military presence in key infrastructure projects.

The SICT has granted this military company an assignment title with indefinite validity for the administration, operation and potential construction of the aerodrome, a decision officially published in the Official Gazette of the Federation.

This title will only end if it is demonstrated that no reasons of utility or public, social or national security interest persist that justify it.

The construction and management of the Tulum International Airport are parts of a broader initiative that includes the Maya Train and the Felipe Ángeles International Airport, both projects financed with the government budget and supervised by the Secretariat of National Defense (SEDENA).

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SEDENA Receives Title for the Tulum Airport

These works represent a significant commitment by the López Obrador government to revitalize and strengthen the national infrastructure with the collaboration of the armed forces.

The Tulum International Airport “Felipe Carrillo Puerto”, which is expected to be operational in December 2023, becomes a strategic addition to the portfolio of infrastructure projects in southern Mexico, along with the Maya Train, the star project of the current administration.

The new airfield is more than just an infrastructure expansion; It is integrated into a vision of regional development that seeks to improve connectivity and enhance tourism and the economy in Quintana Roo.

This project will not only facilitate access to one of the most prominent tourist destinations in Mexico, but is also designed to lighten the operational load at other airports in the region, such as Cancun International Airport.

SEDENA Receives Title for the Tulum Airport

SEDENA Receives Title for the Tulum Airport

News of the assignment to a military entity has sparked interest, evidencing the government’s strategy to centralize control over transportation and infrastructure projects.

As the opening date approaches, eyes are on Tulum, anticipating how this new airport will influence the tourism landscape and the local economy.

The government’s commitment to these projects underlines the importance of infrastructure in its national development plans. With the Tulum International Airport, it is expected to increase the competitiveness of the Mexican Caribbean as a tourist destination, offering a new gateway to its beaches, culture and natural beauties.

This is a clear indication that the government is betting on modernization and efficiency in its transportation services, promising a significant impact on the travel experience of national and international tourists.

R. SEDENA Receives Title for the Tulum Airport

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