Spirit Airlines Announces Flights to Tulum Airport

Spirit Airlines Announces Flights to Tulum Airport

After Delta announced the start of operations at the new airport, Spirit Airlines Announces Flights to Tulum Airportrto de Tulum

The upcoming inauguration of the Felipe Carrillo Puerto International Airport in Tulum has marked a milestone in the airline industry, triggering notable interest among various airlines in establishing direct routes to this booming destination.

Among these, Spirit Airlines, a giant of economic flights, stands out for its imminent start of operations in this air hub.

As the winter season approaches, flight reservations are reaching their peak, anticipating a season of high tourist influx that promises to set a new record for tourism in the Mexican Caribbean in 2023.

Established airlines like Aeroméxico and Delta are already seeing outstanding demand on their seasonal flights, especially with Delta scheduling daily flights from Atlanta in late March next year.

In a context where the economic crisis continues to impact the United States, families are looking for affordable options for their vacations, and Spirit Airlines’ cheap flights to this new destination promise to be a financial relief.

Spirit Airlines Announces Flights to Tulum Airport

With initial operation from Fort Lauderdale and Orlando, Spirit Airlines is establishing a crucial air bridge to the Mexican Caribbean. This expansion is a reflection of growing demand, particularly from American tourists, who consider this region one of their favorite destinations.

The boom in Aeroméxico reservations, especially for flights originating in Toronto, San Francisco and Chicago, predicts that Tulum is emerging as a primary tourist focus.

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Spirit Airlines Announces Flights to Tulum Airport

Although Cancun continues to lead in popularity among American visitors, Tulum International Airport promises to decompress traffic from the overcrowded Cancun International Airport.

The latter, which receives more than 500 daily flights, could thus derive a significant part of its tourist flow to Tulum. As the airport nears completion, anticipation is high for its December 1 opening, with the promise of a sunny and serene holiday.

Key Information About Tulum Airport:

  • Proximity: Just 25 kilometers from the center of Tulum, the airport promises unbeatable accessibility, whether by bus or private vehicle.
  • Opening: With the opening scheduled for December and with no announcements of delays, the airport is preparing to begin operations as planned.
  • Diversity of Airlines: Delta, Mexicana, Aeroméxico, Viva Aerobus and Spirit, among others, are confirming direct flights to the new destination.
  • Guaranteed Security: The Mexican government has promised to reinforce security, deploying thousands of National Guard troops at both the Tulum Airport and the new Mayan Train.
  • High Capacity: The new airport expects to handle 5.5 million passengers and around 32,000 operations annually, potentially rivaling the busiest airports.

Tulum: A Dream Destination

Spirit Airlines Announces Flights to Tulum Airport

This paradisiacal destination, nestled in the Riviera Maya, has evolved from its humble origins as a fishing town to become a first-class tourist refuge.

Offering a perfect blend of nature and modern culture, Tulum captivates with its ancient Mayan ruins, vibrant cafes and restaurants, boutique vacation accommodations, luxury resorts, the majestic Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, splendid cenotes and beaches that are truly jewelry worldwide.

With the arrival of Tulum International Airport, this Caribbean gem is ready to scale to new heights in popularity and preference among travelers around the world. Get ready for an unparalleled experience in Tulum!

R. Spirit Airlines Announces Flights to Tulum Airport

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