TAG Airlines Could Fly to Tulum Airport

TAG Airlines Could Fly to Tulum Airport

The sales director mentioned that TAG Airlines could fly to Tulum Airport after ruling out its return to AIFA.

In the dynamic aviation sector, TAG Airlines, a prominent regional airline, is seriously evaluating the expansion of its operations to the Felipe Carrillo Puerto International Airport in Tulum starting next year, according to the director of sales and institutional relations, Francisco Pahul.

This development could mark a new chapter in the region’s air connectivity.

TAG Airlines‘ decision to consider Tulum as a potential new destination comes amid internal deliberations on the viability of operating simultaneously at the Cancun and Tulum airports, taking into account critical factors such as passenger demand and operational costs.

The company, already established in destinations such as Oaxaca, Mérida and Cancún, seeks to strategically balance its presence in the main air hubs of the country.

Pahul, dismissing previous speculation, clarified that the airline has no plans to reestablish the connection between Felipe Ángeles International Airport (AIFA) and Guatemala City in 2024, due to the non-viability of the route.

However, TAG Airlines does not stop in its expansion drive, studying a new route to Huatulco, Oaxaca, which would operate on a seasonal basis, thus strengthening its network in southern Mexico and Central America.

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TAG Airlines Could Fly to Tulum Airport

This growth is driven by the upcoming addition of its fourth ATR 72-500 aircraft, with a capacity for 72 passengers, before the end of the year.

Additionally, the airline anticipates acquiring three additional aircraft next year, which will significantly expand its capacity in current and future destinations, including those within Mexico.

Regarding regulatory changes in Mexico, in particular the new government policy of requiring visas for all foreigners entering or transiting through Mexican airports, Pahul assured that he does not anticipate a negative impact on TAG Airlines’ operations in the country.

This optimism is based on the airline’s solid performance so far this year, having transported more than 14 thousand passengers on its route from Cancun to Guatemala.

TAG Airlines Could Fly to Tulum Airport

TAG Airlines’ potential expansion into Tulum represents not only a significant step forward for the airline, but also an opportunity to increase connectivity and tourism in a region already known for its tourist appeal.

With the growing demand for affordable and efficient travel options, adding Tulum to its itinerary could provide TAG Airlines with a notable competitive advantage in the regional air market.

This strategic move by TAG Airlines reflects a growing trend in the airline industry, where airlines seek to diversify and expand their routes to capture new markets and satisfy the growing demand for travel to unique destinations.

Tulum, with its enchanting mix of cultural wealth, natural beauty and tourist attractions, is emerging as an ideal destination for this expansion, promising to benefit both the airline and travelers eager for new experiences.

R. TAG Airlines Could Fly to Tulum Airport

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