Aeropuerto de Tulum es el Más Ecológico y Grande del Sureste | Tulum Airport is the Greenest and Largest in the Southeast

Tulum Airport is the Greenest and Largest in the Southeast

Tulum presents itself with an innovative aerodrome in sustainability and capacity. Tulum Airport is the Greenest and Largest in the Southeast.

December 1 marked the start of operations of the Tulum International Airport “Felipe Carrillo Puerto”, a monumental work that has been hailed as the first ‘green’ airport in Mexico and the largest in the southeastern region.

With its strategic location in the Mayan jungle, this airfield has been designed to harmonize with the natural environment and become a central hub of airport capacity in the Mexican Caribbean.

An Airport with an Environmental and Tourist Vision

The construction of the Tulum Airport has been an example of engineering and environmental respect.

Built in 536 days, it has a 3,700-meter hydraulic concrete runway and maintains 900 hectares of its total area with native flora.

Inaugurated by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the airport began operations receiving 11 domestic flights, including the first commercial flight and military aircraft.

Initial Challenges and Achievements

Despite praise for its design and functionality, the airport faced initial challenges, such as roof leaks during an unexpected rainstorm.

However, these incidents were quickly attended to, demonstrating the efficiency and response capacity of the team in charge. These facts can also be described as “normal” in any new work.

“The Jungle Airport”: Connection and Culture

Built in the Felipe Carrillo Puerto municipality, the airport honors its Mayan cultural heritage. It offers 13 boarding rooms, more than 1,000 seats, and a runway that positions it among the largest in Mexico.

During its construction, more than 17,000 jobs were created, highlighting its socioeconomic impact on the region.

New Routes and Tourist Potential

The airport has already started operations with Viva Aerobus flights and other national and international airlines will soon join.

These connections promise to significantly boost tourism in Tulum and surrounding areas.

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Tulum Airport is the Greenest and Largest in the Southeast

Safety and Comfort for Travelers

Operated by the Mexican Air Force, the airport guarantees the safety of passengers. Although travelers are advised to plan their transfers in advance, the airport is expected to facilitate access to key tourist spots and community projects in the Maya Ka’an region.

Connectivity and Future

The 10.5-kilometer main road will connect the airport with Federal Highway 307, promoting a commercial and service corridor. In addition, the integration with the Mayan Train will strengthen connectivity in the region.

Tulum Airport is the Greenest and Largest in the Southeast

The Tulum International Airport is not only an achievement in terms of airport infrastructure, but also a model of sustainable development and a catalyst for the tourism and economic growth of Quintana Roo.

With its environmental focus, extensive facilities and strategic connections, this airport is positioned as a key gateway to the Mexican southeast and a symbol of progress for the region.

R. Tulum Airport is the Greenest and Largest in the Southeast

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