Aeropuerto de Tulum La Joya Inaugural del Gobierno Mexicano | Tulum Airport The Inaugural Jewel of the Mexican Government

Tulum Airport The Inaugural Jewel of the Mexican Government

December 2023 will be marked in the history books, and the Tulum Airport the Inaugural Jewel of the Mexican Government, will top the list of Mega works of the Mexican Government.

The Mexican federal government, under the direction of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, is preparing to launch four key projects of his administration in December.

Among them, the Tulum International Airport “Felipe Carrillo Puerto” stands out as a monumental work, marking the beginning of a series of inaugurations and celebrations that will transform the country’s infrastructure.

Tulum Airport The Inaugural Jewel of the Mexican Government

Here we present the 4 most emblematic Mega works of the Mexican Government to be inaugurated in December in chronological order according to their inauguration date.

It is necessary to highlight that they are not all, since works such as the Felipe Ángeles International Airport (AIFA) and other projects of this administration have already been inaugurated.

1. Tulum Airport: A Hit in Air Infrastructure

The new Tulum International Airport, scheduled for its grand opening on December 1, is positioned as an essential component to alleviate congestion at Cancun Airport.

This air terminal, located in the municipality of Felipe Carrillo Puerto, will connect with seven key destinations, including Tijuana, Aguascalientes, Guadalajara, Mexico City, San Francisco, Chicago and Toronto.

With an annual capacity of 5.5 million passengers, this facility is expected to become the main access to the Riviera Maya, boosting tourism and economic development in the region.

2. Mexican Aviation: An Aerial Renaissance

Mexicana de Aviación, an airline with a quick schedule to resume operations, plans its return for December 2.

Operated by the Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena), this Mexican State airline will begin flying with a fleet of ten Boeing 737-800s, serving 20 destinations from Felipe Ángeles International Airport (AIFA).

3. Mayan Train: Connection and Development

The Mayan Train, a project embroiled in debate but with a significant budget, is scheduled to begin operations on December 15.

This train, which will travel 1,554 kilometers with 34 stations, promises to be a key piece for the sustainable development of the Mexican southeast, covering states such as Tabasco, Chiapas, Campeche, Quintana Roo and Yucatán.

Tickets for the Mayan Train will be on sale starting December 1, with variable prices depending on the passenger profile.

4. Interoceanic Train: A Bridge between Two Seas

The Interoceanic Train, scheduled for its inauguration on December 22, is a project managed by the Secretary of the Navy (Semar).

With more than 1,200 kilometers of railway tracks, this train will connect Oaxaca, Chiapas, Veracruz and Tabasco, promoting economic and commercial growth by uniting the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

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Tulum Airport The Inaugural Jewel of the Mexican Government

A Historic Month in Mexico

These projects represent not only a significant advance in Mexico’s infrastructure, but also a development vision for the country’s future.

Led by the Tulum International Airport, these developments promise to improve connectivity, boost tourism and strengthen the Mexican economy, marking a period of transformation and growth in the López Obrador era.

R. Tulum Airport The Inaugural Jewel of the Mexican Government

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