Volaris still without flights to Tulum

Volaris still without Flights to Tulum

Volaris on Hold: Tulum Airport Still Not on its Radar, while other airlines have already confirmed their operations, Volaris still without Flights to Tulum.

While the expected inauguration of the Tulum Airport and the return of Category 1 have prompted airlines such as Aeroméxico and Viva Aerobus to expand their horizons, Volaris remains an enigma in this scenario, increasing curiosity in the airline industry.

The aerial landscape has been challenging. For more than two years, restrictions prevented Mexican airlines from opening new destinations to the United States.

This situation led to considerable losses, with a figure of around $3.3 billion in ticket sales, a gap that North American airlines did not hesitate to capitalize on.

Against this backdrop, Viva Aerobus made its way into the US market, establishing connections from AIFA and strategic airports such as Querétaro, Mérida and Monterrey. The latter, in particular, has become a battlefield where it competes side by side with Aeroméxico for dominance of air traffic to the United States.

Volaris still without Flights to Tulum

In the context of Tulum Airport, while Aeroméxico and Viva Aerobus have already announced their presence, Volaris remains a question mark. However, there are rumors in the air. Javier Aranda, director of the Quintana Roo Tourism Promotion Council, mentioned that Volaris shows palpable interest.

Although there have been dialogues between Volaris representatives and airport administrators, so far, only Aeroméxico, Mexicana de Aviación and Viva Aerobus have officially confirmed their operations.

Recently, Mara Lezama, the governor of Quintana Roo, announced that Tulum’s “Felipe Carrillo Puerto” International Airport is expected to receive around 6,400 passengers in its first week of operation starting December 1.

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Volaris still without Flights to Tulum

Despite all the movement and expectation, Volaris remains cautious. Enrique Beltranena, CEO of the airline, expressed his feelings on the matter: “We see Tulum as a potential jewel in the region. It is still early to determine what path we will take there; we have not yet reached a final decision.”

While the airline industry reconfigures and adapts to new challenges and opportunities, all eyes are on Volaris, waiting for it to reveal its cards in the game of tourism and air connectivity in the Mexican Caribbean.

R. Volaris still without Flights to Tulum

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